Fence Construction

Wood Fence Styles

We install a variety of styles of wood fencing. While the most common and affordable is a Dog Ear fence style, many of our Sacramento area customers select gorgeous Cap and Trim fence for its clean contemporary lines.​

At the same time, we also have many customers upgrade to the more private Board on Board option for that little bit of extra concealment of overlapping pickets to prevent any gaps when the wood dries. Whether you select the most affordable Dog Ear style or one of the upgrades, rest assured you are getting a fantastic new fence.

Wood Fence Replacement

After all these years, we still build fences piece by piece on site so we can customize the fence to your home and yard. Our trucks will show up with all the new redwood fence lumber to repair or replace your fence on their truck.

We will get right to work removing the old fence and laying out your new fence. We set every post in concrete so your vertical posts won’t shift or lean. We nail up every board one by one using ring shank hot-dipped galvanized nails that minimize rust and hold the boards tight. ​

This allows for a much cleaner and more professional fence installation than people who try to use wood fencing panels. The finished product will be a Superior fence product that protects your property lines.

What Type Of Wood Fence Lasts The Longest?

The most durable wood fences are Redwood fences. Redwood not only offers a timeless and natural look but is resistant to rot and insects. It’s a very stable wood with little seasonal movement, which is perfect for outdoor constructions like wood fencing.

If properly maintained, Redwood wooden fences can last even 20 years and more. White Cedar and Red Cedar are other popular wood types for wooden fencing.

What Is The Cheapest Fence To Build?

For a privacy fence, usually wood is the cheapest option in the Sacramento, CA area. Another option is Vinyl/PVC fencing. Vinyl can be used to replace wood in picket fences and stakes, as well as wood fencing panels. Another cheap alternative is wire and plain wooden or metal posts as fencing.

These solutions, however, don’t provide you with many benefits that wooden fences do. A wire fence is not very aesthetically pleasing, and it won’t protect you from your nosy neighbors. It can make sense if you’re looking for fencing for livestock, though.

Vinyl will not look natural, so this wouldn’t be the best pick if that is the effect you care about.

And although vinyl or aluminum fences are known for their durability, once destroyed, they are harder to repair than wood fences, which is something to consider when choosing fencing that will serve you for years to come.